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Half Penny Collection in Dansco Album complete except 1923

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This Australian Pre-Decimal Half Penny set is housed within a better quality Dansco Deluxe Album

and is a near complete date range set, only missing the 1923 Half Penny.

The coins are all average to better than average selections, and follow typical conditions of their associated monarchs;

half pennies of King George V have a darker tone as they are the oldest of the Australian Pre-Decimal date range,

King George VI with a more chocolate brown tone, and lastly

Queen Elizabeth II which is the last and most recent pre-decimal coins and thus are in far superior grade and still maintain

their original mint luster. Examples of each monarch’s Obverse are also included.

The Album is a Dansco Deluxe push-in and is in average condition with wear marks on the outer surface.

There are 61 coins in total (missing 1923).

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