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2015 Baby Set

$175.00 inc GST.

($120.43 )


2015 Six Coin Proof Baby Year Set


Coins have long been a traditional gift at key moments in one’s life. As objects which are used and prized in so many different ways, they have inherent nostalgic value for many people. For this reason, specially-packaged coins produced and marked in a significant year are a lasting memento of life’s special highlights. For parents and children alike, the year of a child’s birth is perhaps the most defining date in one’s life, making baby sets a perennially popular gift item.

The Royal Australian Mint’s annual baby proof sets have historically reflected themes from a wide range of treasured childhood memories. From 2015, the theme will be the alphabet, as our ‘ABCs’ form one of the first and most fundamental lessons that a young child learns.

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