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2003 Lord of the Rings "the Bridge of Khazad Dum " $1 Silver Proof

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2003 New Zealand Lord of the Rings "Eye of Sauron "

$1 One Dollar Silver Proof Coin Design

The Rings of Power, wrought by the Dark Lord Sauron to conquer the free peoples of Middles-Earth,

Has now been found.  It grants great powers to its bearer - invisibility and long life-yet also it corrupts and deceives,

luring the wearer to its own dark will for it is part of the Dark Lord and his evil is in it.

The Reverse design depicts the Bridge of Khazad Dum

in Case with Certificate

a few mark outside the Case , there is no outer box 

(Diameter : 38.61mm, Weight : 28.28gms., Alloy : .925 Silver)

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