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Queen’s South Africa and First War Trio

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Q.S.A. Type III; Clasp ‘CAPE COLONY’. Impressed to “1109 GNR: W. WAVELL 44TH BTY: R.F.A.”

1914-15 Star impressed to “2714 DVR W. WAVELL 1/D.A.C. A.I.F.”;

B.W.M. impressed to “2714 DVR W. WAVELL 1/D.A.C. A.I.F.”;

Victory Medal impressed to “2714 A-BDR W. WAVELL 1 D.A.C. A.I.F.”


William Wavell served for 8 years with the R.F.A. including time with the Regiment in South Africa during the Boer War (Medal and Clasp). He enlisted into the A.I.F. on 23/9/1916 as a Driver with Div. Ammunition Column, and advanced to A/Bdr on 29/1/1916. Service in France from 2/4/1916 and R.T.A. 24/9/1918. With copy of relevant Q.S.A. Roll page confirming single clasp entitlement and copy of his A.I.F. file.

       There is an interesting story with this group: many years ago the Q.S.A. was split from the WWI trio and a re-named replacement was added. Recently Wavell’s original Q.S.A. turned up overseas and was re-united with the group to make it original and complete again. The renamed replacement is included to the left of the group.


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