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Pre-Decimal Coin Collection almost Complete from Halfpennies to Florings

$1600.00 inc GST.

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Australia : Pre-Decimal Coin Collection

Almost Complete!

A well matched and well put together Collection of Coins from  Halfpennies to Florins

Missing only the Expensive Key Dates or Rarities.

The whole Collection is housed in a set of matching Blue Hendo Albums which still include the original pink information sheets.

The Albums were made circa 1960-1963 and are still in great condition.

The condition of the coins in each Set is Graduated from the Early coins which are, naturally, worn and in average circulated condition

but with all lettering readable, through to George VI and Elizabeth where there are some lovely high grade coins (see Photos).

Each Set includes Obverses.

HALFPENNY :  missing 1923 (61 Coins),   PENNY :  missing 1925, 1930, 1946 (75 Coins)

THREEPENCE :  missing 1955/1, 1934/3 (56 Coins),  SIXPENCE : complete (52 Coins)

SHILLING :  missing 1933 (52 Coins),   FLORIN :  missing 1932, 1934/5 (57 Coins)


The scarcer Coins required to complete this set are generally available from us, please inquire about their purchase.

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